Time Unfolding (Echoes)

The shell’s orientation is upright with a deliberate softness intended to reflect human orientation and form. It is possible to hear the sea in the sculpture just as in a real shell. Although this echoed sound is a scientifically quantifiable process it means much more to our emotional selves, as evidenced by poetry, literature, myth and legend through the centuries. It can be argued that this is the implicit influence of calcium acting on the human brain.

Because of the origin of the stone, the movement of the sea is the beating heart of alabaster. This sound is not always tranquil and relaxing; in fact, the sound of distant crashing waves can recreate the sound of breathing, giving depth to this notion of the beating heart.

Putting an ear against opening brings very intimate contact with the sculpture. Feeling the smoothness and coolness of stone, it almost becomes an embrace.

If it is really quiet, it is possible to hear the echo of your own heartbeat.

Material: Alabaster
Date: 2019